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2013 Fun Run and Track Photos

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198 photo(s) Updated on: 12 Jan 2013
  • Thurs 8/7 at NWRC
  • Tues 8/13 at NWRC: Welcome to Kate from Timex and thanks for letting us wear test your awesome GPS watches. Also welcome to Tracy. Jose, Pat, Amy and the Souderton Girls XCers.
  • Mon 8/12 at Fleet Feet. L-R: Jane, Bob, Mike, Chuck, Marie, Steve. BTC: Jeff.
  • Tues 8/6 at NWRC: Huge crowd welcomes Rich from Brooks and wear tests Glycerin and Ghost. Welcome: Gary, Regina, Matt, Ross, Sarah, Mike and Marjorie. Thanks Rich for ice cream, cupcakes and drinks!
  • Thurs, 8/1 @ GA Skies cleared just for us:
  • Mon 8/5 at Fleet Feet. A perfect night!! L-R: Bob, Steve, Josette, Kate, Jane, Marie. BTC: Jeff.
  • Thurs 8/1 at NWRC: Nice night for a run through town after the showers.
  • Sat. 8/3 @ Starbucks
  • Tues 7/30 at NWRC: Splendid day for running trails and roads. Welcome to new runners: Linda, Bob, Michael and Steve.
  • Sat. 7/27 @ Starbucks
  • 7/25 @ GA track - Nicer weather brings out a big crowd: John, Jim, Ira, Mike, Tom, John, Matt, Jim, Cara, Nick, Siddarth, Lakshmi, John, Diane, Howard, and Pam.
  • Mon 7/29 at Fleet Feet. A beautiful night for a run!! L-R: Susan, Steve, Jen (new), Mike, Mike, Kate, Jeff, Dick, Marie, Matt. BTC: Annmarie.
  • Thurs 7/25 at NWRC: Good luck to Emery (on left) who is moving. NIP: Dan, Laura and Kerrin.
  • Tues 7/23 at NWRC: Another awesome crowd took to roads and trails. Welcome to Chuck!
  • Thurs,7/18 @ GA They don't want to get too close on this hot night! Maybe the hottest track workout ever!
  • Sat. 7/20 @ Starbucks
  • Thurs 7/18 at NWRC: Impervious to the heat, 18 came to run tonight (4 NIP). Welcome to Tristan (behind Lakshmi).
  • Tues 7/16 at NWRC: Warm welcome to Newton's Mark (front and center) and Tom (NIP) on a hot night. Wear Test of the new Energy and a great clinic. Welcome newbies: Ann, Mike, Mick, John and Jeremy
  • Thurs,7/11 @ GA track: Jim, Eric, Nick, Ira, Jose, Howard, Jim, Angelo, Matt, John, Pam, Diann, Diane.
  • Mon 7/15 at Fleet Feet. Several "soles" brave the heat! L-R: Carol, Dick, James, Mike, Kate, Erin*, Janelle*, John, Emily, Max. BTC:Annmarie and Jeff (don't ask). (*=new)
  • Sat. 7/13 @ Starbucks
  • Thurs 7/11 at NWRC: Another gorgeous night in NW. Welcome to our 5 new runners: Dan, Kimberley, Matt, Mike and Minjoo.
  • Tues 7/9 at NWRC: Great crowd and a welcome to Natalie, Erin and Ryan. The Green Ribbon Trail is now open and beautiful.
  • Tues 7/2 at NWRC: Awesome crowd for a hot one.
  • Mon 7/8 at Fleet Feet. A decent post-rain run! L-R: Steve, Kate, Bob, Matt, Tammy, Jane, Mike, Jeff. BTC: Heather.
  • 7/6 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 6/22 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 6/15 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 6/8 @ Starbucks
  • Mon 7/1 at Fleet Feet. The rains hold off long enough for a nice, though humid, run. BTC: Annmarie.
  • Saturday 6/29 at Starbucks: Welcome to Alycia on right. Also spotted: Grif, Joanne and Anne. BTC: Rob.
  • Mon 6/24 at Fleet Feet. A small crew heads out for a warm run. L-R: ?, Jane, Mike, Jeff, Dave, ?, ?. BTC: Annmarie.
  • Tues 6/25 at NWRC: nice crowd on hand for Saucony Dan!
  • Thurs 6/20 at NWRC
  • Mon 6/17 at Fleet Feet. L-R: Michelle*, Matt, Wendy, Dick, Jeff, Mike*, Jen, Chuck, Josette, Mike*, Bob, Cathy, Erin, Keith, Mitchell. BTC: Annmarie. (*=new)
  • Th 6/13 at GA - Dark clouds, but the streak goes on!
  • Thurs 6/13 at NWRC: Latecomers not in pic are Bridget, Anne, Dave B, Dave A and Kerrin.
  • Tues 6/11 at NWRC: Wow! 8 newbies and 2 returnees: welcome to John, Matthew, Mike, Matt, Lisa, Mariam, Emily, Aliah, Ryan and Barkley!
  • Thurs 6/6 at NWRC: Welcome back to Jess from New Balance and welcome new runners: Kaitlin and Wendy.
  • Th 6/6 at GA Defying the storm - John, Tom, Denise, Jim, Matt, Sheila (hiding), Leigh, Diann, Sandor, Mary, Howard, Tom, Ira.
  • Th 5/30 at GA Braving the heat - Pam, Denise, Leigh, Howard, Diane, Matt, Ken, Tom, Kaisha, Jack, Sheila, Paul, Linda
  • Th 5/23 at GA. Tom, Jim, Siddarth, Lakshmi, Tom, Gary, Sandor, Denise, John, John
  • Thurs, 5/16 at GA Ross, Denise, Angelo, ?, Sheila, Cara, Diane, Mike, Vince, Matt, Steven, Tom, John, Ken.
  • Thurs, 5/9 at GA Tom, Pam, Tom, Jim, John, Sheila (hiding), Jim, Karen, Matt, Diane, Cara, Ross, Howard, John.
  • Tues 6/4 at NWRC: Awesome crowd with two newbies. Names are TBS.
  • Sat. 6/1 @ Starbucks
  • Mon 6/3 at Fleet Feet. A muggy night to test Saucony! Front L-R: Jane, Leslie, Jeff, Salesman Dan. Back: Jane, Jack, Tammy, Dick, Chuck, Chris, Caleigh, Chris, Kate, Wendy. BTC: Annmarie
  • Thurs 5/30 at NWRC: welcome to Tom (NIP).
  • Tues 5/28 at NWRC: great crowd, stormy weather, Mizuno wear test and pizza. Thanks to Riley from Mizuno. Welcome to Denise. Congrats to Buffalo and Bob Potts Marathoners!
  • Thurs 5/23 at NWRC: much rain....brave are Crystal, Molly (new), Griff, Linda, Anne and Kevin. NIP: Bob B
  • Tues 5/21 at NWRC: Great crowd today.... Welcome to Sasha. (Next to Lisa)
  • Thurs 5/16 at NWRC: rest of the squad.... Megan, Bridgett, Kerrin and Jen.
  • Thurs 5/16 at NWRC: half the group
  • Mon 5/20 at Fleet Feet. A beautiful night, where is everyone? L-R: Dick, Matt, Annmarie, Emily, her dog, Josette. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sat. 5/18 at Starbucks
  • Tues 5-14 at NWRC: Most excellent crowd to wear test Adidas with Logan (next to Linda B). Welcome to new runner Kevin, popping a squat on right and also to Dereck's and Susan's babies.
  • Mon 5/13 at Fleet Feet. A chilly run for May! L-R: Matt, Diana, Amy, Chris (welcome to PA), Krista, Dick, Jeff, Kate, Jane. BTC: Annmarie.
  • Sat. 5/11 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 5/4 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 4/27 @ Starbucks

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