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Ambler Area Running Club

Welcoming runners of all abilities.


 Left to right: Bob Harmon, Joe Harrison, Kristy Corino, Bob Boland, 
 Lauren Brown, Jeff Lofton, Matt Dillon, Jim Lombardi

Jeffrey Lofton, President

"I competed in track during high school and college, in the 100, 200 and (occasional) 400-meter dashes. A distance run of 3 miles was punishment when we upset our coach.

As Father Time changed my body, jumping up to run a sprint was no longer considered exercise, but instead a way to destroy the hamstrings. Distance running became the preference, which I started doing in 2004. I have never enjoyed workouts more, between socializing during the casual training runs and accomplishing distances like half- and full-marathons.

AARC has allowed me to meet some incredible people, and I will always be thankful for that. Becoming President was only a small way to pay back the club for what it has given me."

Kristy Corino, Treasurer

"I've done a lot of races since I started running in 2010, and have made many lifelong friends through my involvement in AARC. I enjoy giving back to the club, and mentoring other runners. When I'm not running, you will find me baking cookies or muffins, or eating mint chip ice cream."

Bob Harmon, Secretary

"My running roots go back to Upper Dublin High School, class of 1969, so over fifty years. The competitive thing has always proved to be my greatest motivation, mostly in the 5 to 10K race range. I briefly jumped back into track racing two years back for one last fling with that world of running. I spent some time chasing Gary Fanelli in the mile that summer on the GA track, never quite getting past him, but my closest to running with one of Philadelphia's running "blues brothers" from back in the 70's.

As with so many of us, running for me is an essential bodily function. Fifty years on, I say to myself that it still feels the same and that keeps me going."

Bob Boland, Member at Large

"I started running when I joined the cross-country team in 1969 and did so until work travel, family and my other hobby, golf, took priority in the late 1980’s and I drifted away from running. Over the next 20 years I developed a paunch that suggested a fondness for food and inactivity. As a result, I developed some related health issues.

So, I started running again in 2010 to lose weight and combat the health issues. I dropped more than 30 lbs. My health issues disappeared and I rekindled my love for the sport of running. I run in at least 25 races each year and I see how much good they do and the effort required to conduct the races. I wanted to give back to the sport in some way so joined the AARC board of directors in 2017."

Jim Lombardi, Immediate Past President

"I started running in college and I was a ‘fair weather’ runner for years until I realized that it's never too cold to run outside. Over the years I’ve run too many 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons to count, and three marathons. I’ve also been bitten by the relay bug, having run the American Odyssey Relay six times and the Ragnar Relay twice. I look forward to track workouts in the summer, and many more years of running."


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Ambler Area Running Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit and subsidiary organization of the Road Runners Club of America.

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