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2013 Fun Run and Track Photos

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198 photo(s) Updated on: 12 Jan 2013
  • Thurs 5/9 at NWRC: Look who's back.... BTC is Sloan ... BT Counter is Dan.
  • Tues 5/7 at NWRC: Great turnout for the Newton tryouts. Many not in pic due to confusion.
  • Thurs 5/2 @ GA Sun-drenched tracksters: ?, Ken, Cara, Jack, Tom, Mike, Sandor, Leigh, Sue, Sheila, Diann, John, Diane, Pam. Front: Matt, Jose, Mike, Carol(welcome!), Gary. btc: Coach Tom
  • Mon 5/6 at Fleet Feet. A great night for a post-Broad Street Run-run. L-R: Emily with Max, Jane, Kate. BTC: Jeff.
  • Thurs 5/2 at NWRC: Welcome to Alison in front on left. Congrats to Crystal, second right for her 3rd US Female finish at Broad Street.
  • Tues 4/30 at NWRC: Great crowd to wear test Saucony Kinvaras, Guides and Ride. Saucony Dan is forth from right!
  • Thurs,4/25 GA track. Back:Tom,Pete,Matt,Mike,John?,Angelo, Caitlyn, Ross,Sue,Kasia,Sheila,Leigh,Jim,Gary,Cara, Marjorie, Ken, ?, Ken. Front: Tom, Sean, Nick (Happy B'day!) also: Lakshmi btc: Coach Tom
  • Thurs 4/25 at NWRC
  • Tues 4/23 at NWRC: Large group for the Mike McKeeman meet and greet. Great shot Brett! Welcome to Tom and Bill.
  • Tues 4/25 at NWRC: Scott interviewing 2012 Phila Marathon Champ Mike McKeeman in front of a good crowd.
  • Mon 4/22 at Fleet Feet. Cold winds keep the crowds down. L-R: Dick, Annmarie (sporting Boston Marathon support pin, come donate), Jane, Jack. BTC: Jeff.
  • Thurs 4/18 at NWRC
  • Tues 4/16 at NWRC: Welcome back Boston runners. We are glad you are safe!
  • Tues 4/16 at NWRC: Huge crowd to welcome back our Boston runners. Welcome to new runners: David, Matt, Patrick and Drew.
  • Mon 4/15 at Fleet Feet. Most unfortunate events at Boston Marathon! L-R: Allison, Anne, Kelee, Dick, Chuck, Josette (engaged!), Jeff, Jane. BTC: Annmarie.
  • Thurs. 4/4 at GA Track - First Track Workout of the year!
  • Thurs April 11 at NWRC: BTC: Laura, Megan and Bridget. Good luck to the Boston bound runners.
  • Tues April 9 at NWRC: Welcome to Jen and Bill. Great crowd on a the first warm run of the year.
  • Thu 4/11 at GA track. Another great turnout, despite cooler temps and heavy clouds. Many new faces in the crowd. in front of camera: 25 runners. Behind the camera: Jeff.
  • Mon 4/8 at Fleet Feet. A great crowd, beautiful night!! L-R: Kelee, Meghan, Mary Beth, Sarah, Rosie, Allison, Anne, Tammy, Susan, Chuck, Chris, Dick, Toni, Jane, Bryan, Linda, Jeff. BTC: Annmarie.
  • Sat. 4/6 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 3/30 @ Starbucks
  • Tues 4/2 at NWRC: Welcome to young Raymond on the right.
  • Mon 4/1 at Fleet Feet. Front, L-R: Nick, Jane, Jeff, Matt. Back, L-R: Jose, Jack, Bryan, Krista*, Dave*, Jenna*, Chuck, Chelsey. BTC: Sydnie *=new.
  • Sun 3/31 at Wissahickon. The last Frostbite run!! "Spring has sprung, the flowers ris, I wonder where the birdies is!" (anon). L-R: Chuck, Bryan (Marine Corps Marathon bound!). BTC: Jeff (no MCM!)
  • Thurs 3/27 at NWRC: Welcome to Joy (behind Laura)!
  • Tues 3/25 at NWRC: Great crowd for a spring run
  • Sun 3/24 at Wissahickon. Last run on this course is 3/31!! L-R: Anna, John, Gert. BTC: Bryan. Running Ocean Drive 10-miler: Jeff (in case you wondered).
  • Tues 3/19 at NWRC: Late crew.
  • Tues 3/19 at NWRC: Congratulations to all the road racers from the weekend. Welcome to Kate, Phil and Mark.
  • Thurs, 3/14 Ambler Theater
  • Sun 3/17 at Wissahickon HS. We took a vote. We're all tired of the cold weather!! L-R: Chelsey, Bryan, Julie. BTC: Jeff. Late: Howard. NOTE, these runs end on 3/31.
  • Sat. 3/16 @ Starbucks
  • Thurs 3/14 at NWRC: 4 pairs of Adidas Boosts heading out. Welcome to Mike (center) and Anna (next to Anne). Laura, Bridget, Megan, Aly and Kerin not in pic. BTC: Dan
  • Tues 3/12 at NWRC: Thanks to Logan and Dan from Adidas for the pint glasses, beverages and free raffle shoes! Welcome to Kelly, Shanae and Angela.
  • Mon 3/11 at Mondauk. Shorts for some. Spring is close!! L-R: Jack, Alicia, Chuck, Jane, Anna, John, Josette, Matt. BTC: Jeff. A bit late: Howard.
  • Sun 3/10 at Wissahickon. Spring has almost sprung!! L-R: Marie, Howard, Matt, Bryan, Chelsey (welcome). BTC: Jeff.
  • Sat. 3/9 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 3/2 @ Starbucks
  • Thursday 3/7 at NWRC
  • Tues 3/5 at NWRC: Thanks to John and Rich from Brooks for the demos and the pint glasses. Welcome to three new runners!
  • Mon 3/4 at Mondauk. L-R: Joanne, Chuck, Alicia. BTC: Jeff. A tad late: Jack, Matt.
  • Sun 3/3 at Wissahickon. L-R: Matt, Howard, Matt, Julianna, Bryan, Chuck. BTC: Jeff. Barely late: Marie.
  • Thursday 2/28 at NWRC: Great, fun crowd!
  • Tues 2/26 at NWRC: Another wear test night? Yes. Thanks to Joe from Asics for the try ons and for raffling off a free pair of shoes. Congrats to all for dodging hail. Welcome new runner John!
  • Mon 2/25 at Mondauk. L-R: Julianna (welcome), Jack, Dick (long time, no see), Chuck, Howard. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sun 2/24 at Wissahickon. L-R: Bryan, Julie, Chuck. BTC: Jeff.
  • Saturday, Feb. 23 - Lisa, Alan, James, Sandor
  • Tues 2/19 at NWRC: New Balance wear test and birthday fun thanks to Jess and Harry! Great crowd and great fun.
  • Thurs 2/21 at NWRC: Nice crowd with two newbies for the Adidas Boost wear test. These lucky runners got the inside scoop! Thanks to Logan from Adidas!
  • Thurs 2/14 at NWRC: Ahhhhhhh. The panorama of it all.
  • Tues 2/12 at NWRC: great crowd for Saucony tryout night.
  • Mon 2/11 at Mondauk. A beautiful spring-like evening. L-R: Chuck, Howard. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sun 2/10 at Wissahickon. One last practice run before the Frostbite race on 2/16.
  • Thurs 2/7 at NWRC: Welcome to Betsy on left. Others include: Josh, Bill, Dan, David, Laura, Grif, Anne, Paul, Chris and Megan. BTC: April and assisting, Karl.
  • Tues 2/5 from NWRC - nice turnout and 4 newbies tonight - welcome to Tammy, Sara, Chuck and Jeff. We had a great time.
  • Thurs 1/31 at NWRC - nice turn out for the newly retired Dan.
  • Saturday Feb. 2 - Traveling Fun Run
  • Mon 2/4 at Mondauk. L-R: Jane, Chuck, Jack. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sun 2/3 at Wissahickon. "Snow, schmow! Let's run!" L-R: Lakshmi, Sidarth, Maura, Stacey, Caitlin, Chuck, Anna, John, Matt, Shanea, Alicia, Mike, Kim, Marty. BTC: Jeff. Late: two more!!

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