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2014 Fun Run and Track Photos

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  • Tues 12/30 at NWRC
  • 12/28 at Wissahickon HS. Frostbite Run #4.
  • Sat 12/27 at Starbucks. Andrew (new), James, Heather, Jim and Tom. Also spotted: Linda, Joann, Kathleen, Brenda, Sandy, Ailsa and Dave. BTC: Dan
  • Tues 12/23 at NWRC: Christmas Eve-Eve. Great run followed by some baked goods compliments of Grif, Joanne and Maddie. Also some surprise Christmas beers.
  • Thurs 12/18 at NWRC: Francis is in the spirit!
  • Sun 12/21. Frostbite run #3 at Wissahickon High School. L-R: John, Tracy, Gert, Nathan, John, Kristy, Liza, John, Regina, Rakhee. BTC: Jeff. Happy Holidays, everyone!!
  • Sat. 12/20 @ Starbucks
  • Tues 12/16 at NWRC: Big rainy nite crowd for Tori from Newton. Welcome to Pete, Carolyn and Heather. We wear tested the Kismet and Fate and enjoyed pizza and drinks. Congrats Tom J, Nat'l XC Champ
  • Mon, 12/15, Monduak Park. A nice run to see the holiday decorations at Route 309. L-R: Marie, Jack, Eric. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sun, 12/14, Frostbite Run #2. Another group of excited runners, ready to tackle the rolling hills of Ambler.
  • We will still call this our "Starbucks" Fun Run.
  • Big plans for Starbucks in SpringHouse
  • Sat 12/13 at Starbucks: Welcome to the new guy next to Griff. Name to be inserted later. Kudos to Joanne for running 6 in a sling!
  • Thurs 12/11 at NWRC: Hoka One One night! Thanks for the wear test shoes Frank!
  • Tues 12/9 at NWRC: Post Noreaster runners. Welcome to Heather.
  • 12/7, Frostbite practice #1. L-R: Brendan (plus 1), Joan, Anne, Kelee, John, Bonnie, Ira, Steve, Eric (on time!), Angelo, Matt E., Matt D. BTC: Jeff. Barely late: Lakshmi, Sidarth, Arun.
  • Thurs 12/4 at NWRC: Good crowd and fun night.
  • Sat. 12/7 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 11/30 @ Starbucks
  • Tues 12/2 at NWRC: Welcome to Lawton (third from left). Many braved the cold rain tonight.
  • Tues 11-25 at NWRC: Welcome to Julianne. Nice crowd on a nice night. Congrats to the Philly marathoners, half marathoners and Rothman 8kers.
  • Sat 11/22 at Starbucks: Michelle, James and Rick. BTC: Dan. 22 degrees at run time....
  • Thurs 11/20 at NWRC: David in the foreground ....
  • Tues 11/18 at NWRC: many came out to brave the cold. wind chills in low teens. Brrrrrr. Welcome to Rob!
  • Thurs 11-13 at NWRC: New Balance 860 V5 east coast rollout party and fun run. Thanks Jess for the food and prizes. 14 pizzas for this group. Also and inch of snow on the ground!
  • Tues 11/11 @ NWRC: Awesome night. 45 runners! Welcome to Megan and Christine. How many Bob Bacons can you spot in this pic?
  • Thurs 11/6 at NWRC - Lisa and Dan NIP.
  • Sat. 11/8 @ Starbucks
  • Tues 11-4 at NWRC: Welcome Francis! Congrats to Bridge and New York runners!
  • Thurs 10-30 at NWRC: C'mon down John!
  • Sat. 11/1 @ Starbucks
  • Mon 10/27 at Mondauk. L-R: Chuck (congrats on KC marathon), Jack. BTC: Jeff.
  • Tues 10/28 at NWRC: Welcome to Janet and Lynn from Spenco and thanks for the great Insoles, Sandals and beer. Welcome to Steph and Don our runners.
  • Thurs 10/23 at NWRC: Welcome to Caitlyn (crouching) from Nike for the weartest of the new Structures and Zoom Elites tonight. Welcome to Morgan and Maddie(center) our new runners.
  • Tues 10/21 at NWRC: Great crowd tonight for an awesome run and pizza afterwards.
  • Sat 10/18 at Starbucks: Awesome running weather!
  • Thurs 10/17 at NWRC: Welcome to Tim and Rachael (Left).
  • Tues 10/14 at NWRC: Welcome to Andrew from Mizuno - thanks for Wave Rider 18 and Sayonara wear test shoes! Welcome Liam on left from Ireland. Congrats to Chicago runners Mike, Ailsa, David & Anne.
  • Thurs 10/9 at NWRC
  • Tues 10/7 at NWRC: Great crowd for the first "winter route" run followed by pizza and beverages.
  • Mon 10/6 at Mondauk. L-R: Chuck, Annmarie (surprise!), Jack, John. BTC: Josette. Back next week: Jeff.
  • Sat 10-4 at Starbucks. Dry at outset but steady rain for the last half of the run. Lakshmi just missed the pic.
  • Thurs 10-2 at NWRC: Nice group on a nice nite.
  • Tues 9-30 at NWRC: Great crowd for the last summer loop run of 2014. Next week we start the winter loop. Welcome to Leigh (from Shawmont), Jen and Gina!!
  • Mon 9/22 at Mondauk. L-R: John, Rashid. BTC: Chuck.
  • Thurs 9/25 at NWRC: Welcome back Lauren.
  • Saturday 9/20 at Starbucks... To Tennis and back is 8 miles!
  • Tues 9/23 at NWRC: Welcome to Corey and congratulations to the R&R Half Marathoners!
  • Thurs 9/19 at NWRC
  • Tues 9/17 at NWRC: Thanks to Joe from ASICs for the awesome wear test shoes. Welcome to new runners Mike and Jim. Pizza and beverages were well enjoyed afterwards.
  • Mon 9/15 at Mondauk. Jeff says "goodbye" for 3 weeks! L-R: John, Jack, Matt, Vince (welcome), Amy, Josette. BTC: Jeff.
  • Thurs 9-11 at NWRC: Nice group on a nice night.
  • Thurs 9/4 at NWRC: Welcome to Rashied - not in pic.
  • Mon 9/8 at Mondauk. A lovely preview of Fall running. L-R: Heather, Amy, John, Matt. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sat. 9/6 @ Starbucks
  • Tues 9/2 at NWRC: Welcome to Allen, Mo, Kathren and Steve.
  • Sat. 8/30 @ Starbucks
  • Mon 8/25 at Mondauk. L-R: Heather, Amy, John, Diana. BTC: Jeff
  • Thurs 8/21 at NWRC
  • Tues 8/19 at NWRC: Welcome to Trey from Drexel and to new runner David.
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