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2017 FUN RUN AND TRACK - Also check out the AARC Facebook page for more photos.

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  • Thurs 9/28 at NWRC: Nice group for this run!
  • Tues 9/26 at NWRC: Welcome to Feetures Steve and his fantastic giveaways! Welcome to new runners: Chris, Trish and Greg!
  • 9/25 at Fireside Bar. Small crowd for a warm/humid Monday night. Time to wear reflective vests!! Soon, the headlamps!
  • Thurs, 9/24 @ GA track. Good crowd for the final Third Thirsty Thursday of the year! Welcome back, Occasional Tom!
  • Thiurs 9/21 at NWRC
  • Tues 9/19 at NWRC: Awesome crowd!
  • Sat. 9/23 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 9/16 @ Starbucks
  • Mon 9/18 at Fireside Bar.
  • Thurs 9/14 at NWRC: Nice crowd. Welcome to Chris!
  • Tues 9/12 at NWRC: Great crowd for run, pizza and drinks!
  • Mon 9/11 at Fireside Bar.
  • Thurs 9/7 at NWRC: Great group tonight. Couple of new faces- Sam and Elle.
  • Tues 9/5 at NWRC: stormy night. We moved pizza to next week.
  • Thurs 8/31 at NWRC:
  • Sat. 9/2 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. 8/19 @ Starbucks
  • Tues 8/29 at NWRC: Lots of rain! Welcome to Mandy from Ohio.
  • Sat Starbucks Run 8/26: Welcome back John and Luke
  • Mon 8/28 at Fireside Bar.
  • Thurs 8/24 at NWRC
  • Tues 8/22 at NWRC
  • Thursday, 8/24 @ GA track. Finding running routes around and through the Komen 3-Day Walk campground.
  • Mon 8/21 at Fireside Bar. Solar eclipse day, and Hoka test-drive!!
  • Thurs 8/17 at NWRC: Hoka night. Thanks Lindsay!
  • Tues 8/15 at NWRC: Saucony nite! Thanks Adriana for shoes, games, prizes, popsicles and drinks! New: Krista. Marjorie, Ita and Mark
  • Wed 8/16 at Born To Run.
  • Mon 8/14 at Fireside Bar.
  • Thurs. 8/10 @ GA track. Long distance shot of short distance runners! Welcome back, Dave G!
  • Great Thurs crowd at NWRC Aug 10.
  • Tues 8/8 at NWRC: Welcome to Danielle Bridge from Bridge the Gap! Thanks for the class afterwards.
  • Thurs 8/3 at NWRC
  • Tues 8/1 at NWRC: First Tuesday pizza and beverages! Welcome to Sharon, Micah, Dave, and Dave. Congrats to 2 time Ironman Mike!!
  • Sat. 8/5 @ Starbucks
  • Thurs., 7/27, GA track. Lots of regulars, and welcome Kristen (second from R)!
  • Mon 7/31 at Fireside Bar.
  • Sat 7/29 at Starbucks: Welcome Suzanne! Also sighted: James.
  • Thurs 7/27 at NWRC.
  • Tues 7/25 at NWRC: Jeff brought his identical twin. Welcome to Nick, PJ and Jim.
  • Sat 7/22 at Starbucks
  • Mon 7/24 at Fireside Bar.
  • Wed 7/19 at Born To Run.
  • Tues 7/18 at NWRC: Under Armour kickoff wear test and post run Barre training from Emily (Barre 3). Thanks Daniel from UA. New: Taylor, Emily, Ryan, Nova and Chip. Can you spot all the Bob Bacons?
  • Thurs 7/20 at NWRC: Hot!! Welcome to John.
  • Mon 7/17 at Fireside Bar.
  • Tues 7/11 at NWRC: Welcome back Kaucher and Rhonda. Pizza and beverages followed a hot but fun run.
  • Mon 7/10 at Fireside Bar.
  • Thurs, 7/6 @ GA track. Undaunted by storm, which never came! Welcome, PJ (on right)! Btc: Coach Tom
  • Sun 7/9 at last Phil's Tavern Training Run.
  • Sat. 7/8 @ Starbucks
  • Mon 7/3 at Fireside Bar.
  • Sun 7/2 at Phil's training run.
  • Sat 7/1 at Starbucks
  • Thursday, 6/29 at GA track. Lots of regulars, ready to run fast on a hot night!
  • Thurs 6/29 at NWRC: Awesome posse tonight!
  • Tues 6/27 at NWRC: Excellent fun run. Thanks to Taylor and Brooks for sponsoring a great wear test. Hope everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and sport on a beautiful evening.
  • Mon 6/26 at Fireside Bar.
  • Sun 6/25 at Phils training run.
  • Sat 6/24 at Starbucks
  • Thurs 6/22 at NWRC: Our Thursday Crew!

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