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AlterG Antigravity Treadmil

28 Jul 2013 8:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
From the folks at Philly Rehab Fitness:


I apologize if I am contacting the wrong email address with this, but it didn't seem to quite fit in contacting any of the other listings on your website.

My name is Samantha Faulhaber. I represent Joy Carey, a corrective exercise specialist with an MS in Rehabilitation Science, Certified Personal Trainer and sports performance coach. We work together under Philly Rehab Fitness. Joy specializes in helping people with gait and movement issues, and we recently acquired an AlterG antigravity treadmill to help clients. The treadmill uses unweighting technology to allow running or walking between 20 to 100% of bodyweight and is used by the NFL, NBA, and top NCAA teams. We are the only AlterG in Philadelphia available for public use. The treadmill not only makes it easier to examine stride and footfall (there are three cameras analyzing stride from different angles, and at lighter weights stride is longer and lighter) and therefore improve running for any athlete, but really helps in recovery to lower body injuries that can't handle full weight. Many of our clients are Parkinson's patients who use it to do basic walking movements they can't do the motions of at full impact. We've also had triathletes in the machine just to push their training.

We are interested in helping as many people as possible through the treadmill and I'd was wondering if we might be able to reach out to your running group, especially with its great reputation. We are looking for any opportunity to spread the word about the AlterG. Time on the machine is bought by the minute and is distributable among any number of athletes, making it perfect for individuals or groups to purchase.

A few pages if you'd like to learn any more about us -

Please don't hesitate to email or call. 717-519-7289 is Joy's number, but initially it would be best to go through me at 443-365-6000.

Thank you,
-Samantha Faulhaber

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