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2012 Fun Run and Track Photos

191 photo(s) Updated on: 23 Mar 2012
  • Thu 9/27, LAST official track workout. L-R: Jim, Howard, Gary1, Tom1, Matt, Leigh, Diann, Diane, Joanne, Sandor, Sloan, Linda, John, Whitney, Mike, Lakshmi, Tom2, Megan, Sheila, Gary2 (hi). BTC: Jeff.
  • Tues Sept 25 at NWRC: Awesome crowd - awesome weather. Welcome to Koske and Chris.
  • Mon 9/24 at Fleet Feet. Front L-R: Jane, Amy, Jeff, Steve (welcome). Back L-R: Mitchell, Cathy, Bonnie, Matt. BTC: Cydnie. Barely late: Jack.
  • Wed. 9/19 @ Peace Valley Park. ...and then there were two left.
  • Thurs 9/20 at NWRC: Great night for a run.
  • Thu 9/20 at track. L-R: Tom1, Tom2, Diane, Matt, Leigh, Mike, Diann, Jim, John1, Sandor, Sheila, Paul, John2 (new). BTC: Jeff. Congrats to RnR half runners!! Last official track 9/27!!
  • Tues 9/18 at NWRC: Though we cancelled the run due to apocalyptic weather, Kaucher, Sloan, Cathy (new), John and Kevin showed up. Also running were Linda and Kathleen. Dumpster sat this one out.
  • Sat 9/15 at Starbucks: A mix of runners, bikers and coffee drinkers on a great morning. Welcome back to 1-L and Carol.
  • Mon 9/17 at Fleet Feet. Front L-R: Mary Beth, Bryan, John (welcome), Jane (RnR!). Back L-R: Anne, Gina, Emily, Dick, Annmarie, Sandor, Mitchell, Cathy, Josette. BTC: Jeff (RnR!).
  • Thursday, 9/13 Track - Daylight fading! Whitney,Jane, Mike,Karen,Diann,Sandor, Sheila, Howard, Joe, Tom, Tom, John.
  • Tue. 9/11 @ NWRC. Ascis night.
  • Mon 9/10 at Fleet Feet. Gorgeous night! L-R: Anne, Rosie, Gina, Patrick (pacifier), Brendan, Kevin, Matt, Sandor, Jeff, Josette, Diana. BTC: Myse. Hands-up: running the half-marathon!!
  • Wed. 9/5 @ Peace Valley Park - It's all about the socks! L/R - Viv, Kathleen, Rob. BTC-Chris
  • Sat 9/8 at Starbucks: Welcome to Mike from Blue Bell on right. Many others out there running from early starts today.
  • Thu 9/6 at track. L-R: Diann, Megan, Whitney, Sheila, Mike, Katarzyna, Jim, Sandor, Sloan, Josette. BTC: Howard (thanks).
  • Tues 9/4 at NWRC. A dark and stormy night brought out some brave souls....
  • Thurs 8/30 at NWRC: Starting off the run with some Skippy. Welcome to Ifor(second from left back row)
  • Mon 9/3, Fleet Feet. Front L-R: Mary Beth, Allison, Cara, Nick, Patrick. Back L-R: Annmarie, Gary, Dawn Maree (hi), Kathy, Ali, Rosie, Christian (hi), Diane, Steven, Becky, Brendan. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sat. 9/1 @ Starbucks - L-R: Lisa, James, Dave, Ifor (welcome), Anna, Flo, Howard, Eric, James, Arul. BTC: Steven
  • Thu 8/30 at track. L-R: Gary, Kasia, Sheila, Dave, Diann, Matt, Diane, Dick, Leigh, Joe, Tom, Matt, Mike, Jack, Jim, Tom, John, Whitney, Tom, Megan, Josette. BTC: Jeff
  • Wed. 8/29 @ Peace Valley Park - The winner of the Phils Challenge is present.
  • Tues 8/28 at NWRC: another large herd of runners took to the roads and trails.
  • Mon 8/27 at Fleet Feet. L-R: John, Kevin, Anna, Matt, Brendan, Patrick, Toni (welcome), Dick, Jane, Josette. BTC: Jeff.
  • Thurs. 8/23 Track stalwarts: Alyssa, Josette, Tom, Mike, Matt, Sandor, Tom, Diann, Mike, Jim, Mike. btc: Paul
  • Thursday 8/23 at NWRC: welcome to Jim (back), Liz with little Carolyn. Excellent evening for a run on some new trails.
  • Wed. 8/22 @ Peace Valley Park, what's a Fun Run without bubbles? Bill, Tonni & Ali BTC: Chris.
  • Thursday, 8/16 Track - Sloan, Dick, Whitney, Leigh, Sandor, Tom, Matt; welcome: Bill, Margaret, and Michael; Pam, Diane, and welcome Alyssa. btc: Howard
  • "Ceremony" presided over by Rev. Brett. Reception followed a spirited run through town led by the soon to be B and G and their escorts. Ties and veils were in order.
  • Future Bride and Groom - Congrats to Scotty and Laura. Thx to Mav and Lisa for all that planning.
  • Tues 8/21 at NWRC: We started with a fun run and a "wedding" broke out, complete with future bride and groom, maids and groomsmen!
  • Sat. 8/18 @ Starbucks. L-R: Denise, Dan, Cara, Sandor, Nick, Jose, Ali - BTC: Steven
  • Mon 8/20 at Fleet Feet. Front L-R: Josette, Matt E., Jane, Jeff, Patrick, Matt D. Standing L-R: Heather, Amy, Ali, Becky, Brendan, Sandor. BTC: Joanne.
  • Thurs 8/16 at NWRC: Most excellent night for a run. Welcome to Tim (back) and Jen (not in pic).
  • Wed., 8/15 at Peace Valley Park. Ali and Bill, BTC: Chris
  • 8/13 at Fleet Feet. 5 weeks to the half! L-R: Joan, Diana, Gina, Amy, Rosie, Matt E., Dick, Jane, Matt D., Sydnie, Annmarie, Sandor, Kevin, Joanne. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sat 8/11 @ Starbucks
  • Thurs 8/9 at NWRC: Great crowd took to roads and trails. Welcome to Bivi (left)
  • Thu 8/9 at track. Ready for a serious run. L-R: Diane, Diann, Sloan, Jim, Whitney, Mike, Tom, Tom, Pam, Matt, Pete, Gary (welcome), Tom. BTC: Jeff.
  • Wed 8/8 at Peace Valley. A hand-full of runners brave the heat for a pretty run. L-R: Esther, Rob, Vivian (welcome to first three), Bill. BTC: Jeff (already ran).
  • Tues 8/7 at NWRC: Mizuno tryouts and pizza! Thanks to Kevin from Mizuno(center). Welcome to Denise (behind Sloan)and Jenn(next to Whitney). Happy B day to Anna!
  • Mon 8/6 at Fleet Feet. L-R: Bryan, Matt, Kevin, Amy, Karen, Dick, Steve, Diana, Emily (welcome), Sydnie. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sat 8/4 @ Starbucks. 8:00 group
  • Sat 8/4 @ Starbucks. Early (7:30) group
  • Thurs 8/2 @ NWRC: Everyone was on the trails to stay a bit cooler on this hot one.
  • Thu 8/2 at track. High temps=>high turnout! Guests, Ali, Lakshmi, Diane, Matt, Pam(hi), Tom, Diann, Ken, Kasia, Rebecca(hi), Jen(hi), Mike, Marjorie, Tom, Dick, Jim, Mike, Paul, Howard. BTC: Jeff
  • Wed 8/1 at Peace Valley Park - Phils Challenge where your favorite AARC gear. L/R - Bill, Mike and Lauren. BTC-Chris
  • Tues 7-31 FR at NWRC: 70 plus hit the roads and trails on an excellent evening for running. Welcome to Sweeny and Lea!
  • Mon 7/30 at Fleet Feet. L-R: Bryan, Steve (welcome), John, Jane, Amy, Dick, Brendan, Patrick, Becky, Anna (welcome back), Joanne, Annmarie, Diana, Matt, Susan. BTC: Jeff.
  • Saturday 7/28 @ Starbucks: Running was hotter than coffee! L-R: Marion, Joanne, Sandor, Arul, Michael, Tom, Griff, Kasia, James, Bill, Jose, Alan, Cara, Eric, Howard. BTC: Nathan
  • Wed, 7/25 at Peace Valley Park. First week of Phils Challenge.
  • Thu 7/26 at track. L-R: Peter (welcome), Whitney, John (welcome), Tom, Matt, Tom, Leigh, Diane, Diann, Jeff. BTC: Mike Freeman. Late: Howard. Later: lightning.
  • Coach Tom calls off practice before the end. No one knows why :(
  • Tues 7/24 at NWRC: Great crowd for a hot Saucony wear test and pizza night! Thanks Saucony for an awesome event.
  • Mon 7/23 at Fleet Feet. Rain, lightning don't scare these runners. L-R: Patrick, Brendan, Becky, Josette, Jane, Ali, Matt, Dick, Kevin, Bradley (from UK). BTC: Jeff. Late: Sandor.
  • Sat 7/21 at Starbuck: Black and white retro. Welcome back Allysa (next to Nathan) - awesome weather returns! Cyclists still cycling.
  • Thurs 7/19 at NWRC: Welcome to Steven - next to Susan.
  • Tues 7-17 at NWRC: A very hot one. Welcome to Alyssa and Renay!
  • Track - Thursday, 7/19 A cool night brings out a cool gang: Lauren, Kathy, Mike, Pete, Tom, Jim,Ira,Diann,Lakshmi,Ken,Joanne,Joe,Linda, Dick,Karen,Steve,Megan,Tom btc: Paul
  • Sat. 7/14 at Starbucks
  • Mon 7/16 at Fleet Feet. Standing: Bryan, Ali, Matt D., Amy, Angelo, Matt E., Annmarie, Tammy, Ryan, Lisa, Dick, Diana, Diana W. Sitting: Jane, Marion, Josette. BTC: Jeff.

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