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2012 Fun Run and Track Photos

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  • Tues 1/8 at NWRC - Great crowd for Two Slice Tues. Welcome to Logan from Adidas (next to Bill) and welcome back to Anna. Also great to have Dan back for post run festivities.
  • Thursday January 3, 2013. Dark faces are Angelo, Jose, and Jack. BTC: Bonnie
  • Saturday 1/5 at Starbucks: Cold outside is compensated for by excellent cup of Joe.
  • Saturday 1/5 at Starbucks. Chilly but the coffee was good and hot afterwards.
  • Thurs 1/3 st NWRC: Excellent group for our first Fun Run of the new year!
  • Thurs 12/20 @ Ambler Theater.
  • Thurs 12/13 @ Ambler Theater.
  • Sat 12/08 @ Starbucks.
  • Thurs 12/6 @ Ambler Theater.
  • Sun 12/30 at Wissahickon HS. Can you say "Brrrrr?" L-R: Jen, Chuck, Gary. BTC: Jeff.
  • Thurs 12/27 at NWRC: Good crowd for post Christmas pizza. David making a late but dramatic arrival.
  • Sat. 12/29 @ Starbucks
  • Sat. Dec 22: L-R: Hank, Rita, Alan B, James
  • Sun 12/23, Wissahickon Front: Brendan, Christina*, Tommie, Anna. Back: Gary, Patty, Dodie*, Diane*, Ira, Matt, Chuck, Sidarth, Lakshmi, Nathan, Marie, Vince, Bryan, Andrea*, Aarky!! BTC: Jeff *=new
  • Tues 12/18 at NWRC: Welcome to Patty, Christine and Cara (next to Lisa). Great night in NW - Happy Holidays!!
  • Mon 12/17 at Mondauk. L-R: Karen, Howard, Jack. BTC: Jeff. Happy Holidays!!
  • Sun 12/16 at Wissahickon HS. L-R: Diane, Sidarth, Lakshmi, Julie, Gary, Vince, Marie, Anna, Bryan, Renay. BTC: Jeff. Late, Eric.
  • Sat,12/15 Beautiful Sunny Fall Day;
  • Thurs. 12/13 at NWRC: Good group tonight. Many happy faces!
  • Tues 12/11 at NWRC: Saucony Ride, Guide and Triumph wear test night. Welcome back to Saucony Dan. Welcome new runners Mary and Dan. Excellent pizza, vegies and cookies followed.
  • Thurs 12/6 at NWRC - Fun group, several of which are participating in pre run hug
  • Mon 12/10 at Mondauk. The rains held off, leading to a great night run. L-R: Howard, Marion, Ryan, Jack. BTC: Jeff.
  • Sun 12/9 at Wissahickon HS. Front L-R: Jen*, Anna, Matt, Tommie. Back L-R: Gary, Vince, Matt*, Renay*, Chuck*, Pattie, Sue, Lakshmi, Sidarth, Diane. BTC: Jeff (* = new).
  • Mon 12/3 at Mondauk. L-R: Jane, Sandor, Jack, Ryan, Marion. BTC: Karen (ran earlier).
  • Tues 12/4 at NWRC: Many came out to usher summer back in. Welcome to Evan, Marty, Robert, Vivian and Andrea. Could not fit all in pic. Scott is in a timeout.
  • Thur 11/29 at Ambler Theater. First Run of Ambler this season.
  • Thurs 11/29 at NWRC: Cold and fun. Welcome to Jake from Japan next to Scott.
  • Tues 11/27 at NWRC - Only Ninja Jedi's ran on this snowy, icy, cold, dark night. Here they are....
  • Special Thanksgiving Day Thurs AM Pre - turkey Run
  • Mon 11/26 at Mondauk. A beautiful full moon. Luckily, no werewolves spotted! L-R: Jane, Ryan, Cara, Nick, Jack, Matt, Jeff. BTC: Marion.
  • Sat. 11/24 at Starbucks; L-R: Alan, Ed, Howard, Bill, Cara, Lisa, James, Griff, Nathan, Joanne, Hank, Patti, Ali, Bob. In front: Ari, Nick, Andy, Brenda
  • Tues 11/20 at NWRC: Jess and her array of fine New Balance shoes!
  • Tues 11/20 at NWRC: It was New Balance night! Cake and weartests! Welcome again to Jess (behind Jesse). Congrats to Phila Marathon and Half Marathon runners. Welcome back Dan U!
  • Mon 11/19 at Mondauk. Darkness due to lack of sun! L-R: Marion, Ryan, Jane, Dick, Jack, Jeff (excused due to Bucks County marathon). BTC: Chris P.
  • Sat. 11/17 at Starbucks: Good to have Allen Ifor and Rich back and welcome to Ariel.
  • Thurs 11/15 at NWRC: The rest of the posse....Griff, Dan, Kaucher, David, Mike, Bob Bacon, and Lakshmi.... reports were that
  • Thurs 11/15 at NWRC: Laura, Ali and Megan decided to depart early....
  • Tues 11/12 at NWRC: Great crowd tonight. Lindsay is back!
  • Mon 11/12 at Mondauk. Another beautiful night! L-R: Josette, Ryan, Jeff, Marion, Marie (welcome), Anna, Diane, Kate, Jack. BTC: Mike.
  • Sat. 11/10 Starbucks
  • Thurs 11/8 at NWRC: Fun group showing off the new winter gear!
  • Thurs 11/1 at NWRC: History made ... Tom's first Thursday run here
  • Tues 11/6 at NWRC - Great Election Day Crowd. congratulations to the NYC Central Park circumnavigators: Ailsa and Sloan
  • Mon 11/5 at Mondauk. Election Day Eve, runners brave 40 degrees! L-R: Jack, Ryan, Jane (yes, shorts), Diana, Josette, Kate, Jeff, Amy, Howard. BTC: Mike Freedman.
  • Sat. 11/3 - Starbucks
  • Sat. 10/20 - Starbucks
  • Thurs 10/25 at NWRC: Good crowd for a run. Welcome to Diane (next to Lisa).
  • Tues 10/23 at NWRC: Congratulations to marathoners and other racers this past weekend. Great crowd for pizza!
  • Mon 10/22 at Mondauk (first run). L-R: Jane, Karen, Josette, Kate (welcome). BTC: Jeff. Late: Jack, Eric.
  • Thurs 10/18 at NWRC: Laughton (new), Laura, Ali, Bridget, Lisa, Anne, Flo, Kerrin, Josh (new), Meghan, Griff, Brenda and Sloan. BTC: Dan
  • Tues 10/16 at NWRC: Welcome to Mark from Newton (cap front row) and thanks for the awesome running form clinic. Welcome to newbies: Schanna, Joey, Chris and Dianne.
  • Mon 10/15 at Fleet Feet. Last run from the store, meet at Mondauk 10/22. L-R: Jeff, Jane. BTC: Cydnie.
  • Sat 10/13 at Starbucks: Brisk but another great running day in October. Welcome back Ian.
  • Tues 10/9 at NWRC: Welcome to Ardene (next to Tom), Mike (next to Sloan) and Brian (behind Ailsa) - rain is no deterrent on a Two Slice Tues! Congrats to all marathon and trail racers!
  • Mon 10/8 at Fleet Feet. One more run here, then Mondauk, 10/22. Very cold night!! L-R: Jane, Kate, Emily, Jeff. BTC: Annmarie.
  • Sat. 10/6 at Starbucks
  • Sat. 9/22 at Starbucks
  • Tues 10/2 at NWRC A good turnout on a dreary night!
  • Mon 10/1 at Fleet Feet. Moves to Mondauk 10/22. L-R: Jeff, Josette, Emily, Chuck, Amy, Diana. BTC: Cydnie. Late: Jack. We mourned the US loss to Europe in the Ryder Cup!
  • Wed. 9/26 - Last Run at Peace Valley Park for 2012. Photo from:
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